Good morning. Again, I apologize for the website being down yesterday. It was frustrating but all is well now. Before I forget, Chad will be on the radio with Linda Brekke again today over the noon hour with the Linder Farm Network report. Tune in if you can. The cutting in Kansas has just been night and day compared to Oklahoma. We feel bad for the farmers in Oklahoma with the early frost they had and now all the rains. Frustrating! There are parts of Kansas that had the same frost misfortune but for the most part, the Kansas wheat looks really good. I talked to Ryan this morning who’s in Tribune, KS cutting for what Ryan calls “a real classy guy.” He said the wheat there was still a little green yet but the yields were running anywhere from the low 30’s to upper 50’s. Ryan said the weather looks good for the day and once the dew is off, they’d be right back in the field. Luke also had a good day of cutting yesterday. The field that he and his crew is in right now is enjoyable to cut because it’s long and straight (like I wish my drives were!). He said the wheat in Dighton where he’s cutting was running 40-55 bu/acre. Greensburg, KS received an inch and a half of rain yesterday so the crew there is splitting up to go assist other crews in different locations. We received another employee yesterday from South Africa. His name is AJ and he started driving truck for us yesterday. I also talked to Jake earlier today and he said it was cloudy and cool this morning in Dighton but they’ll definitely be cutting by late morning. He also said the wheat he’s cutting right now is really tough and they have to drive so slow. The yields are good however but just a little green yet. It’s hard to get too much phone time with Chad because he always asks me, “Hey can I call you right back?” Life is busy in Kansas. Have a great Thursday!! I’ll be gone Monday through Thursday of next week but I’ll still do my best to get to a computer to continue the updates. Be sure to go to www.dtnag.com this afternoon to read DTN’s Thursday afternoon update of our harvest tour. Travis