Agronomy Services

Olsen Custom Farms uses variable rate technology on their farm. We have seen the benefits from doing so, and we want to pass this knowledge and experience on to you. Precision technology has allowed us to reduce our input costs on a per acre basis, while maintaining, and in some cases, increasing our yields. We are doing so by making the most out of our productive soils, and reducing our inputs on the poor producing areas of the fields. We also soil sample each zone of our field every year to know our crop nutrient levels heading into next year. This data also allows us to analyze trends in our nutrients, and how our farming practices or applications have affected these trends. We group all of this info together to give us the best chance for success.

We offer soil sampling, zone map creation, yield map processing, variable rate prescriptions for fertilizers such as DAP, Potash, Urea, etc., and also variable rate seed mapping.

Our prescriptions are compatible with a wide range of controllers.

We have 5 zones throughout the field. Each zone has a different the fertilizer and seeding rate, based on our yield goal within each
Even though we had 5 zones in the beginning, our mapping software makes a smooth transition from zone to zone to make it compatible with any controller. The software also gives you the product totals, avg. rate applied, and area covered as well.

Contact Kurt Dagel (507-530-3574) or Trent Johnson (507-828-9178) if you have any questions!