OCF Seeds

We specialize in high volume sales and distribution of unique varietals of seeds. We arrange cargo / shipping and have strong relationships with growers and dealers all over the world. Our team of agronomists can assist in making seed recommendations for your scenario such as seed mix, seeding rates, and your end goal with your planting, for example, whether you may be looking to alleviate compaction, or produce nutrients for the following year’s crop. We are more than happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Some of the seeds we sell include:
– Cereal Rye / winter cover crop
– CRP mixes
– Cover Crop mixes (Ryegrass, Lentils, Flax, Turnips, etc.)
– Oats, Alfalfa, Spring wheat

More about cover crops
Cover crops are often referred to as “green manure” because they transfer huge amounts of nutrients into soil. They are becoming more critical to a farm’s success and in some cases are mandated. The crops organic matter add nutrients back into the soil, but also utilize root structures to create better opportunities for growth through preservation of Mycorrhizal fungi networks. Not only are cover crops been utilized in row crop scenarios, cover crops have also become more and more useful by being planted after small grains. Based off of our experience, planting a cover crop after small grains has given us a boost in nutrients such as N, P, and K. We like to think of it as a way that we can grow our nutrients and set ourselves up for next year.

Please contact Martin @ 605-690-0918 to discuss your seed needs.

OCF Seeds Location 

1024 Co Rd 17

Hendricks, MN 56136

Kurt Dagel (507-530-3574) or Trent Johnson (507-828-9178) can assist with any agronomic questions you may have about your seeding intentions!