OCF Seed list

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Vernal, Pasture, OCF Final Answer


Berseem Clover, Crimson Clover, Medium Red Clover

Field Grass

Intermediate WheatGrass, Italian RyeGrass, Orchardgrass, Forage Perrenial Ryegrass, Bromegrass, Teffgrass, Remington Per-Ryegrass, Timothy, Annual Ryegrass

Cover Crop Mixes

Purple Top Turnips, Radishes, flax, peas, common vetch, rapeseed


Pea/oat mix, Piper Sudangrass, Pearl Millet, Sorghum Sudangrass (MS9000), German Millet, Japanese Millet

Small Seeded Grains

Certified Spring Wheat Surpass, Certified Oats (Goliath), Certified Canada Oats, Uncertified Oats (Jerry)

Hay & Pasture Mixes

Grass Waterway – 45% smooth brome, 20% tall fescue, 20% perennial ryegrass, 15% timothy

Horse pasture – 25% pubescent wheatgrass, 25% intermediate wheatgrass, 20% meadow brome, 20% tall forage fescue, 10% tetraploid ryegrass

#3 Hay & Pasture – 20% late maturing orchardgrass, 20% STF 43 tall forage fescue, 15% perennial ryegrass, 15% timothy, 10% meadow brome, 10% atom brome, 10% meadow fescue