Combine Rentals

Renting a combine is often far more practical to your input costs than purchasing a new combine. With our service, we make sure you are up and running on a newer model John Deere combine. Our rentals include delivery and pick up, and if you have issues, we are only a phone call away.

Our rental fleet is comprised of 2023 or newer S770 and S780 John Deere combines that are always maintained. 

Trust experience. We rent out dozens of combines across the USA annually and our customers are constantly satisfied with our service, the performance of the machines, and the increased margins on their yields.

If you are interested in renting, please contact us soon for pricing so we can do our best to work around your schedule.


“If we have a breakdown, which is not often, they are taken care of in a prompt time. Chad and his employees are always helpful and very friendly.” D Ayers

“I’m very happy with the service you provide. Combine is always very clean and in good repair.” B Swartzendruber

“I like the way they spent time explaining how to set the machine and how to service the machine.”  C. Handcock

“We were reluctant at first to commit to a lease with uncertainty about the crop, etc.  Turns out it is one of the best decisions we ever made.  We sold an older combine freeing up some shed space for other equipment and had a smoother harvest than ever.” R. Jones

“Thank you for your prompt responses to any issues that pop up throughout the harvest season.” L Ebert

“I have leased a combine from Olsen Custom Farms for several years.  The delivery people help set up so all I have to do is go to the field.  The Olsen’s are a great company to do business with and we hope to do business for many years.”  T Ryan

“Extremely satisfied with the combine this year.  Combine was ready to go and I had one breakdown. It was the fuel filter, which tells me that the machines are well taken care of and well maintained.  Thanks again.”  S Thorell