First of all, check out the picture on the right. Go ahead and double click on it and then come back to the article. Okay, now that you are back here reading again, what did you see? A picture from a rear view mirror. No big deal, right?? Have you ever made a mistake, made a bad business deal, lost a friendship over something stupid, or upset your kids because YOU had a bad day? Or maybe even worse than that, have you ever been diagnosed with cancer or lost a loved one? My point is, today let’s learn from the past or past mistakes and plunge forward to make each day the best that it can be. Look in your personal rearview mirror and put a smile on someone’s face today and it will put a smile on your own. Olsen Custom Farms really began with one combine in 1992. Along the way, there have been numerous bumps and hurdles, and hills and mountains. Because those hurdles have always been jumped and the mountains climbed, OCF still continues to cut. (This message may seem too deep for a custom harvesting diary but I’ll get to the point soon.) A nice custom harvesting business has been one of Chad’s dreams for the past 15 years and he’s built a great one. My wife and I moved back here from Wyoming where we both had great jobs but I’m truly proud to say that I work FOR Olsen Custom Farms. You know, we’re born and we die on this earth. If you were only given a day or two or maybe a week to live, what would you want to do? I think we would each have a little “to do” list to check off. Don’t wait until you’re told you have a limited time left! Check off a couple of those this week yet! That’s the way we can really start living is to check off the things on that to do list!! Yea, I’m a nerd and I know this story is pretty goofy for a custom harvesting website. But, I was diagnosed with Leukemia in October of 2002 and with my five year mark coming this fall, I think about it quite a bit. I continually try to keep my to do list checked off. One thing that is always on my to do list is to help OCF be the best that it can be. We want to keep a clean reputation and be more than fair to all of our current and future customers. A strong work ethic and fairness is what OCF will always bring your way. One of our mottos is “go ahead.” It’s what we say numerous times a day as someone is looking for us on the radio with a , “do you have a copy?” Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin. Cool sentence huh? Now, go make hay and go make someone smile today! Travis