Good morning. The weather is still cooperating in Kansas, for the most part. It is still damp in Greensburg but Dighton, Tribune, and Oberlin are dry and have a dry forecast through July 5th, when the possibility of showers show up through the 7th. I talked to Ryan again this morning who is in Tribune and he said they only cut 80 acres there yesterday. The wheat was still just a little too green so he hopes after yesterday’s drying weather that today will be a better day. He said the yields are still good, however. Luke and his crew had a great day of cutting yesterday. They completed a couple of their jobs and will be joining Chad’s crew in Dighton this morning. We’ll have six combines in a good size field their today and with good weather, today should be just as good as yesterday. When we get up to Pierre, SD (still not sure of the day we’ll get there) we may have over 20 combines in one field so it will be fun to post pictures of that for you. The weather in SW MN also continues to be nice! I’ll be packing this weekend for a family trip out to the Black Hills of South Dakota. My wife grew up in that area so we will be spending a few days with her family. Say a prayer for me. (Just kidding!!!) Have a great day and I’ll try to post another late afternoon entry. Travis