Good morning. The storm I spoke of on yesterday’s diary entry missed us! It evidently went NW of us. We put every piece of equipment, vehicle and patio furniture under cover last night so that’s why we didn’t get the storm. Had we left all this out, then it would have hit. It seems like that sometime. In a short discussion with Chad this morning, he said they had a decent day cutting yesterday. The crops right around Enid continue to be in the 20 bu/acre yield. However, down by El Reno and up near Nash, OK the yields are 45+. The ground near Billings yesterday was still too wet to be able to cut but the crew will be starting there today. That’s all I know for the morning. The weather did hold out so we could get our golf match in (my dad is my golf partner) but I wish that would have gotten rained out the way I played!! Have a great Thursday and stay out of the rough!! Travis