To the parents and families of the guys that we have working for OCF this season, thank you for allowing and encouraging them to come to the United States and more specifically, Olsen Custom Farms in Hendricks, MN. All of the guys this year seem like great people and they were sure eager to leave the farm in MN and head south on the custom harvest tour. If you ever need to get a message to any one of them, please email me, Travis, at and I’d be happy to get it to them. As we do every year, we welcome your sons and husband (that’s for Paul’s wife!) as part of our family. My wife, Cristy, and I were able to have Johann, Deon, Marcel, Will, Jake and Shaun at our house for a nice Easter dinner. Our next big holiday feast together won’t be until Thanksgiving but rest assured that they are included in all we do. Thank you for trusting us with them. Have a nice weekend. Travis