Good morning. What’s this weather going to do?? That’s the question we’re asking ourselves here in SW Minnesota. A storm is supposedly moving in tonight with strong winds and the possiblity of large hail. (Of course it will happen on a Wednesday afternoon during golf league!!) Come back to our harvest diary tomorrow and I’ll fill you in on what happened during the night. I spoke with Jake, one of OCF’s foreman, this morning who was cutting near El Reno, OK yesterday and he said the wheat looked good. It was running between 45-50 bushels per acres. He also said the stalks were so thick and laying down that they could only drive about 2.5 mph instead of a normal 4.5 mph. But he said the wheat there looks good so they will take their time and cut it right! I just got off the phone with Luke, another foreman, and he’ll have five combines running today near Billings, OK. Today is the first day for us cutting near there so I will keep you posted on the quality of the wheat there. Talking to Chad earlier, he said the wheat that he was cutting near Enid, OK was only running about 20 bu/acre. Things are constantly busy around the farm here in MN, also. Jim, a local employee of ours, cut alfalfa through the night so we could get it all chopped today before the storm moves in later tonight. I sure hope it’s not as big as the forecasters expect. If we get damage, I’ll just blame it on DTN!! 🙂 Make it a great Wednesday. Give somebody a hand when they need it!! Talk to you tomorrow. Travis