Good morning.  Chad said it was a good day of cutting yesterday in ND and Canada.  Luke and a crew with him finished up some small jobs around Mohall, ND.  They will get back to our main customer near Mohall today as he’s got some more wheat that is ready to be cut.

Paul will actually haul one combine and two heads home today so we are winding down the run in ND and Canada.  Chad says it’s possible to be done in two days in ND and come home from Canada by Sunday.

So, the 2007 harvest tour is nearing an end.  We have much work to do around home (where we are currently getting another little shower) this fall with our own harvest and other customers near home.  I plan on limiting the number of entries I make to the diary once everyone gets home this weekend.  I will post maybe a couple entries per week or something like that.  Please give me some feedback on that.

Have a great Men’s Day and I’ll yack at ya later!


Another quote by Andy Rooney, “I’ve learned that when you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.”