With just days left up north, some combines are already being hauled home to get ready for fall harvest.  Paul delivered this combine home yesterday from Richardton and I believe two more machines will be showing up today sometime with Mike and Shaun.

It was a good day again yesterday cutting as the weather is finally cooperating in ND and Canada.

I have added a few more pictures to the OCF at home gallery and I have added one to show the crew’s living quarters while they are here at home.  They take all their sheets and blankets with them on the road so their bunks and lounge look pretty bare in these pictures.   Their kitchen is right below their lounge area, laundry room and bunk room.  Their bathroom is just off the kitchen.

There is a light rain again here this morning and Amanda, our secretary/bookkeeper/dispatcher, tells me we could get another inch or so today and then it’s supposed to clear up for a while.  It would be nice to see that big yellow thing in the sky again some day!  It’s funny how we gripe about too much sun, then not enough.  Such is life.

Have a good Thursday and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.