Good morning.  All three crews are pretty much in full force as of yesterday.  Chad and his crew up in Mohall starting cutting spring wheat yesterday around 5:00 and cut until midnight.  Again, the yields were good.  They were cutting with five combines but Chad is sending one (Alex) down to Minot today to help on Jake’s crew.  That way, Chad will be running four, Jake and his crew will have four and Luke has four in Richardton.

After talking to Jake this morning, he said they got a little shot of rain late yesterday but still cut about 240 acres with three machines.  He says they will be in the field by noon today.  Jake, Mark, and Burt are running combines, Shaun, Gustav, and Deon are driving truck and Johann is running the grain cart.

Luke also got some rain yesterday in Richardton around 6:30 pm.  He still says they will be in the field again by 2:00 this afternoon.  They guys in Richardton are in the Mountain time zone so they are one hour behind the other crews.  Again, Luke is please with how things are going there.

We got the last of our hay put up last night here at home and it looks like we have another good shot at some rain for this afternoon.  (Don’t worry, I have rain gear that I can golf in!)  From the rain we got last week, the grass is actually growing so we can get some mowing done this week, too.

Have a below par day (that’s a  really good day!) and I’ll talk to you later.