Luke had some decent cell reception finally so it was nice to talk to him for a while today.  They got a little rain the night before last so they didn’t cut until 2:00 or so yesterday but still managed to cut 400 acres.  He said they are on pace to cut 600+ acres again today and the crop there is still very good.  Luke is thinking that they may be done there by Sunday and then they can head up north to help Chad’s crew.

The people that we are cutting for in Richardton are super people Luke says.  They have been making supper for our guys every night when they come home AND doing the laundry for our guys!  Also, Luke’s wife, Amy, has been bringing lunch to the field each day so this crew is really getting catered.  Like all of our guys, they deserve this type of treatment.  They’ve been working their tails off!

Luke apologized for not sending the pictures to me from Richardton yet.  When I get them, I’ll post them right away.

Chad and his guys may start cutting this afternoon in Minot.  He was pretty confident that it was finally ready.  He and Pam were able to get the school supply shopping done for their girls yesterday and I think they may have even taken in a movie.

Have a great rest of the day and I’ll talk to you on Men’s Day!