Good morning. There’s a slight chance of rain around areas we are cutting today but so far so good. It’s cloudy but nothing is falling from the sky. Chad figures by 10:30 or so they should be in the fields today. I talked to most of the crews this morning and the average quitting time was around 11:30 last night and the average starting time was around 10:30 am. All the crews had a great day of cutting with varying yields. Around La Crosse there was some hail and frost damage which brought the yield to 15 bu/acre in some spots. Marcel and his crew were cutting 40-50 bu/wheat near Greeensburg yesterday and Jake and his crew with four combines had a solid day of cutting with yields averaging around 40 bu/acre. All the guys in the Dighton area met at the campers after work and had supper together as Pam made them all a nice meal. My wife doesn’t read this diary so I’ll fill you in on something. Wednesday, tomorrow, is our 15th wedding anniversary. Well, what else is tomorrow?? You got it, golf league, which goes late into the evening! Ugh. As I was looking at the schedule of who we play, I noticed we had a bye week; meaning we don’t have a match this week. So, yesterday I told her that I would give up golf this week so we could go out and celebrate. She was amazed that I would give up golf for that so I told her that’s just the kind of loving husband I am!!! 🙂 Shhhh! Ha, ha! I’ll fill her in sometime ….. later. Have a great day!