According to DTN, there’s a 30-60% chance of rain in the areas we’re cutting in Kansas. However, that can also be interpreted as 40-70% chance of no rain!! So, we shall see. Jake, Deon, Paul and Richard are all cutting in the same field about 15 miles NW of Dighton. Jake says it’s averaging about 40 bu/acre today in that field. Shaun is pulling the grain cart and Johann and Waldo are driving truck. Jake and Shaun had some “friends” come down to visit them last week and that is how I have received the pictures that I’ve been posting. DTN (www.dtnag.com) will be printing another harvest diary tour story on Thursday afternoon. Please be sure to check that out and see one of the neat pictures that was taken. Again, thanks for the feed back. For those who have not sent any comments back to me, I encourage you to do so. I’d love to hear what you have to say or answer any questions you may have! Talk to you tomorrow. Travis This is Paul in combine #36.