I just wanted to let you know where everyone is at as of this morning. In Greensburg, KS is Marcel, Alex, Mark, Gustav and Lemmer. I talked about their crew a bit on this mornings harvest update. In Dighton, KS, Dirk and Burt are running combines with Luke as Willem is running the grain cart and Zach is driving the truck. Jake, Deon, Shaun, Paul, Johann and Waldo are all also in Dighton. I was told that some of the guys are easier to get up in the morning than others!!!!! 🙂 Luke told me this morning how pleased he was to have such a great crew again this year. Hopefully they all have a great experience here, make some money, and would like to join us again next year. I know the year is far from being over but I want to thank you parents for allowing them to spend most of this year with our families. Travis The picture is of Jake in Oklahoma just waiting for the fields to dry up!