Good morning. There are three boys in our family (no girls) and Chad is BY FAR the most ancient!! Today is his 39th birthday and as he wanted, he is celebrating it cutting wheat. We are still in Dighton, La Crosse and Greensburg, KS. Two crews with Chad and Luke are in Dighton and according to Chad, it’s sunny and windy there right now. I asked him what the forecast was for the week and he said, “I don’t know and I don’t want to know.” He’s just going to move forward with the expectation of no rain! Marcel has a crew consisting of himself, Dan (Lemmer), Alex, Mark and Gustav. Marcel, Alex and Mark are running the combines, Gustav is running the grain cart and Dan is driving truck. During a conversation with Marcel this morning, he told me that they quit about 9:00 last night because the farmer we are cutting for wanted it to dry a little more. Marcel says this customer is a super guy and easy to work with. After they got back to the campers last night, they barbequed and went to bed early. (I’m not sure I believe him but … :)) By the way, he says the wheat there is running 50 bu/acre. I also talked to Ryan Coners again this morning (in La Crosse) and he said, “you know the saying; work on Sunday, fix on Monday.” His crew had some minor repairs but he said they’d be in the field as soon as the wheat is ready to go this morning. The field that they are in now had some hail damage so in parts of the field they were yielding 10 bu/acre but they were still averaging 30-35. They completed another field where the yield was 40-42 bu/acre. He wanted me to mention that Ryan Bliss (they call him Pumpkin) buried a combine yesterday! They were able to get it out with the other combine. I wish I had a picture of that to post! So, it looks like it was a great weekend for cutting in Kansas. The weather was also great in SW Minnesota! Talk to you soon! Travis