As of 1:25 pm Central time, we currently have eight combines in the field and five more will be cutting shortly. I will provide you with the yields and conditions of the wheat when I know more. An update on our harvest is scheduled to be on DTN’s website at www.dtnag.com later this afternoon as well. If you’ll notice at the bottom of this page, there’s a place where you can send comments back to me. These comments will not get posted on our website without your permission. I am the only one that reads these comments. I have had a few that have given some feedback to me regarding these daily entries on our website. I don’t know how many are coming to our site to read this. If I get some additional feedback, I will certainly stay dedicated to giving daily updates if it’s helpful to you. I’m not sure if I’m talking to five, ten, one hundred or one thousand people. If you’d like me to continue this on a daily basis, please shoot me some feedback. Thanks much!! Travis