Good morning. It was a good golf night last night. The weather here in MN was perfect and I actually played decent. I hope all of you have a passion for something recreational like I do for golf. It’s just healthy!! Okay, back to business. Our combines are spread out now across Okalahoma and Kansas in six separate small crews. Chad and Luke and their crews are still around Enid today, Luke and Richard both are near Nash again today with their crews, Ryan Coners took a crew consisting of Ryan Bliss, Waldo and Johann to La Crosse, KS last night, Jake and his crew of Deon, TJ and Shaun made it into Dighton, KS last night and Marcel with his crew of Mark, Alex and Dan are going to be calling Greensburg, KS home now for a while. According to Chad, every machine should be running today with the exception of three that are being delivered to other combine rental customers. I spoke with Jake just a bit ago and he said the sun was out and the wind was blowing in Dighton, KS this morning. The forecast for Dighton has some isolated T storms for tomorrow and then it looks pretty clear through the 28th of the month. Greensburg has the same forecast so maybe we can actually have some back to back to back cutting days! Enid has some isolated T storms in the forecast (it’s cloudy there this morning) as well but the highs are in the low 90’s for the next week so hopefully the storms will be minimal. Chad said they did try a few fields last night and he said the wheat would have gone but it was just too damp for the combines to get through the fields. He expects today to be much better. Have a great day and if there’s news to report on yields by later today, I’ll post another entry before I head home from my cushy 8-5 job!! Travis To the right is Dirk and Alex. This is their second year with OCF and we’re sure glad to have them here!