Good morning.  I’ve been slacking off on the diary as the crew in Pierre has been cutting milo for a few days now out there.  There’s around 6000 acres to cut there and after today, Jake says they will be nearly half done.  They’ve had a little down time with rain out there but for the most part, they’ve been able to cut every day.

Jake, Burt, Mark and Zach are running the combines, Johann is running the grain cart and Shaun, Gustav and Willem are driving the trucks.  Hmmm.  I hope they are behaving out there!!!

The guys are busy around here in the shop and putting up our alfalfa.  We cut our fourth cutting a few days ago and we just need it to dry out a bit more before we can finish baling.  It won’t be too long and combines will be in the fields around here and then a whole new harvest season begins!

Have a great Tuesday!  It’s only one day away from Men’s Day!


Oh, by the way, GO VIKINGS!!!