Good morning.  This time, heading south is strictly for fun!  We will leave for Moline, IL at 1:00 today.  The guys seem really excited to go.  They are cleaning their kitchen, running around the shop and the music is loud out there today so they are enjoying themselves this morning.

I’m sure many of the guys will be taking pictures at the John Deere plant so I will get some of the best photos and share them with you on our website.

On Friday night of this past weekend, I went with Chad to the car races in Miller, SD.  I took some neat photos that I will post when we get back from this trip.  Anyway, there were eleven cars in his race for a 15 lap race and he started sixth.  He worked his way to third quickly and then eventually to second.  There were two laps left in the race and he snuck to the inside on turn four to take the lead.  Just as he got by the leader, the guy took out Chad’s right rear panel with his front left tire which spun Chad around and knocked him out of the race.  It was a fun race to follow.

I’ll post some more pictures this week when we return.  I hope you had a nice holiday weekend.