Good afternoon!  We’ve received approximately 3.5 inches of rain here at home over the weekend.  The ground has absorbed it all as there are very few puddles.  Many areas around us are being flooded with 6-10″ of rain!

The harvesting in ND and Canada is going well.  There was about 1000 acres of canola to cut in Canada which the guys harvested over the weekend.  Actually, they saw some rain coming in so they cut through the night on Friday night until 7:30 Saturday morning.  They since have started on harvesting mustard but they have a rain day today to catch up on some sleep.

In ND, we also finished up harvesting the canola and have started back on wheat again.  I believe the guys in ND also have the day off today because of the rain.

We had our member golf tournament this weekend in the rain.  It was a fun tournament and I really look forward to that weekend every year.  I tied for first and lost in the first hole of the playoff.  I’ll get ’em next year!