Per a discussion with Chad just a few minutes ago, he said they finished the winter wheat in Mohall.  They  are currently helping some neighbors of our customer up there finish up their cutting.  Our combines will be moving to Minot tomorrow and we are also to begin cutting in Richardton tomorrow as well.  Chad says things are going well and it extremely hot!

Part of me is wishing for a rainy day so the guys can have a day off.  It sounds like they are getting pretty tired, Chad and Luke included.  But, when the weather is nice, I guess they just have to keep moving.

The small story that was done for a ND television station will be on their news tonight at 6:00 and then I’m told it will be posted on the website of within a couple days.  So, keep monitoring that website as well.

Well, it’s Ladies Night at the golf course so that means it’s Kids’ night at my house tonight.  I’m happy to report no injuries on the trampoline, yet!

Have a great night.