It’s Friday and what does that mean to a custom harvestor????  Right, nothing.  But it means something to the nerd in the office on the farm!!  He gets the weekend off!  My wife and I have a business meeting at 6:04 this evening out of town.  It should be a fun night.

Getting to business, Chad says the crew in Minot should wrap up with the job they are currently on today.  They will then head north to Mohall for the weekend to help on a job up there and then head back to Minot to start a new job on Monday morning.  I believe the crew in Richardton may start cutting early next week there as well.

The crew in Mohall was cutting with four machines last night until about 10:30 when it started getting a little tough.  Chad said the yields were still running around 50 bu/acre.

I’ll work on adding a North Dakota section to our picture gallery on the website.

Thanks for all the feedback regarding the diary.  I appreciate the time you take to do that in the comments section below.  Please rememer, any comments you send back to me do not get posted to the website.  If it’s a comment that I think our readers would be interested in seeing, I will email you back asking for your permission to post it.

By the way, today is “CPA’s who work for a custom harvestor’s day!”  (That might be a tough Hallmark card for Chad to find.)   Hmmm.   I think I’m having way to much fun with this diary.

Have a great weekend.

The nerd.