Good morning.  Yep, it’s Men’s Day at the course!  Dad, my son Taylor, my daughter Emily, my brother Corey and I unloaded a couple loads of small square alfalfa bales last night so I’m hoping that did something to my back and put my golf swing back together!!

It was Jake’s 27th birthday yesterday!  He got to celebrate by ………………… combining!!!  We require our guys to have period tests at the clinic and this morning Jake tested positive for cake.  (I heard that last night from Dave Lettermen.)

So, yes, we did get a few hundred acres cut yesterday in some great wheat in North Dakota.  Only two combines were cutting but it sounds like with yesterday’s heat in ND, much more wheat is within days of harvesting.

Chad took off for ND this morning and I just talked to Luke who’s in Pierre.  After a couple days off, he’s back to helping haul equipment to ND.

To the South African familes, once I know where everyone is in ND, I’ll let you know where your boys are!!  Chad’s really happy with this year’s crew.