Good afternoon.  We were making some website changes this morning.  If you will notice, there’s a new link above for a photo gallery.  I wil be able to add numerous photos on that page and have the ability to delete and add new ones at any time.  This will be better than just trying to add one new picture every now and then.

Anyway, Chad said that things are going well in Pierre again today.  I checked out the forecast and starting on Saturday, it is supposed to be in the 90’s and then the 100’s by mid next week!  It’s going to be hot and windy out there in the middle of those fields!

Chad said the elevator filled up in Pierre last night so the we are now hauling directly from the fields to the farmer’s bins at his home place which is only a five mile drive.  The wheat is good and the trucks are filling up quickly.

Have a great day!