Good morning. We’ve decided to trade in all of our combines for boats. The boats would be more useful in Oklahoma right now I think!! On a serious note, the areas we are cutting in Oklahoma did get more rain over the weekend. Chad felt they were only a couple hours away from cutting late yesterday and then the rains came again. The forecast for the week looks hot but yet there’s slight chances of rain early in the week. Chad said they will be moving some combines to Kansas again today, near Anthony and Greensburg. He is not pulling out of Oklahoma but they can now get by with fewer combines there to finish up the fields that are near completion. One of Chad and Pam’s daughter’s, Claire, turned five years old over the weekend. They celebrated by going to the go kart track and racing each other. I think Chad and Luke battled on the track together also. 🙂 The girls also took time to play in the puddles and ride bike. I hope I can write soon saying that we’re back in the fields!! We’re getting a small shower again in MN this morning also. I’ll get back to you tomorrow. Just for fun, pretend like it’s Friday at work today. The day will go by faster!! Travis PS It was a good golfing weekend.