Good morning and thank you for all of your feed back comments yesterday and this morning. I do appreciate your responses so again, thanks. A few of the crews did start cutting around 5:00 pm yesterday but had to quit between 9:30 and 10:30 as it started raining again. Ugh! I know the farmers would like their crops out as much as we’d like to keep the machines running!! We’ll wait for the sun. I talked to Jake this morning (sorry for waking you, Jake!) and he said one they have one truck serviced and the combines serviced, their plan was to wash clothes and maybe watch a DVD or two. He said tonight they’d probably go out to eat and have a cold glass of …. Koolaid! I also briefly talked to Chad (my conversations with him always seem to be short because in the middle of our conversations he says “hey, I’ve got someone else calling in. I’ll call you right back.) I’ve learned that “right back” means about two to two and a half hours. Anyway, he was laying in bed with four women this morning!! (That would be his wife and three daughters.:)) Servicing equipment was really the only thing on his platter for the day also. He still had an upbeat tone to his voice but I can tell also that he’s frustrated with the moisture. Have a great Thursday! By the way, after the first couple of holes in the rain last night, the rain stopped and it actually turned out to be perfect golf weather. The temperature was mild and there wasn’t any wind. I know this isn’t a golf diary but …… 🙂 I’ll talk to you tomorrow! Travis