Good morning and thanks for visiting our site. The intent of this diary page is to keep our current custom harvesting customers, potential custom harvesting customers and any other interested parties informed of where we are currently harvesting, what crop conditions are like and any other interesting news along the way. If we are in your neck of the woods or are heading your way, our office number is 507-275-3176 in case there’s anything we may be able to do to make your harvest less stressful and more economical. Even if it’s just a quick favor, don’t hesitate to call us. I, Travis, will be here to take your call and I can get messages to Chad while he’s on the road. We are currently continuing to plant our crops here in MN. We’ve had some good drying days lately but could still use some more of those. Please continue to visit our site and I’ll keep you posted on OCF happenings. Thanks!