Latest OCF news

Good morning. Looks like we’ll have another couple days of MN winter weather today and tomorrow; some freezing rain topped wtih a few inches of snow. Ugh. Oh well, as long as we can travel safely, it’s moisture! (Since a computer update, I cannot create paragraphs on this diary so it will seem like just run on paragraphs jumping from topic to topic! Sorry for that!) Here is some latest OCF news. Let’s see, Jeff, one of our truck drivers fell and hurt himself and when he went to the doctor, they found some problems with his back that has seemed to run in his family. This happened a couple weeks before the new year and since he’s had surgery it’s been a bit of a slow recovery. But, after talking to his wife this morning, it sounds like he’s really doing much better so that was good to hear. Charlie, Chad and Pam’s son, turned 5 yesterday so that was a big day for him. And, Amanda is expecting a baby near the end of June! That’s it for today! Have a great weekend!