I know. The title to this article is pretty boring. Anyway, good morning. We have nice weather here in MN this morning (we received another 1/2″ of rain on Friday night) and the weather in La Crosse, KS is sunny and breezy this morning. I spoke with Ryan Coners this morning to get an update from his afternoon and evening of cutting. Ryan has a crew of himself plus three others in La Crosse. He said they cut until about midnight last night and the yeilds were averaging about 35 bu/acre for them yesterday. They were all heading to the Four Corners Cafe in La Crosse for a little breakfast this morning. It sounds like all is well in La Crosse. I spoke with Chad also for a bit and he said all of the crews worked until right around midnight last night. By later today, I think all of our machines will be out of Oklahama and moving towards Dighton, KS. The weather looks good and there’s a lot of wheat to be cut. That’s all I have for this morning. If anything exciting happens over the weekend, I’ll be sure to post another entry. I will take some time now to repond to the comments that I’ve received. Have a great weekend! Travis