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2014 Olsen Custom Farms Diary


Good morning.  Tonight we celebrate another successful harvest.  The successes we celebrate tonight are; everyone made it through the season safely and unharmed, we met many new customers of whom many we now call friends, we celebrate a super 2014 crew and thank them tonight before many of them head back home, and we celebrate with our family, friends, neighbors, vendors and then some to thank them for all the help we received during the 2014 harvest season.  We look forward to a fun night tonight!

11/21/14 Winter has hit!

A couple weeks ago the cold air and snow came.  We were able to get everything harvested and the tillage work completed just in time!  Since finishing it has been just plain cold!  The guys all seem to enjoy being back around home but they do speak of the very respectful customers that they've been working for.  Thank you for your business!  Have a great weekend!

10/10/14 Heavy into bean harvest

Good afternoon.  With the exception of this Sunday, the forecast looks good to continue harvesting beans around home.  We still have a large crew north of the border yet as well taking out wheat and the forecast looks good for cutting there as well.  Jake figured maybe about 10 days left up there.  Then, PH and his crew are still in Arkansas combining beans and I think he has a few thousand acres left there as well.  Otherwise, everyone else is within 60 miles of home.  Have a great weekend!

09/28/14 Beginning bean harvest around home

Good morning, first of all, we are in need of a couple truck drivers for the fall.  If you are interested please call the office on the number listed on the home page.  We are finished up with all the wheat in ND but still have some to go further up north!  And, the beans are getting close to being ready here so harvest around home will be under way shortly!  We have had some great weather here lately (80 degrees) which should really help the corn and maybe save on some propane expense this fall!  Have a great week!

09/05/14 Wet in ND!

Good morning.  As you may know, it has been a wet, wet August in North Dakota.  There has been some harvesting done there in the past week or so and it sounds like today everyone will be going again.  We did finish up in Montana and it sounds like things are going well in Idaho and in Arkansas.  We need to keep this sun out for a while yet!!  Have a great weekend!

08/15/14 Done in Pierre!!

Good morning.  I got a message from Chad just after midnight last night with one smal word, "done."  So, that's good news as the forecast looks like some moisture.  So, done in Pierre and I did hear that the guys also finished a job in Gregory, SD and Zandre is still going strong in Montana.  Over the next few days we'll begin the ascention into North Dakota and Idaho.  Have a great weekend!

08/01/14 Cutting going well

Good morning.  The cutting in Pierre, SD, Gregory, SD and in Montana is going great.  I don't want to jinx anything but the weather has really been good for harvest.  I see there's a chance of rain next week so maybe a day or two off for everyone next week wouldn't be a bad thing.  We may be done with the winter wheat in Pierre by Monday and then it's on to the spring wheat which may be another week's worth of cutting.  On another note, Chad and Pam's kids did a great job of showing and riding their horses yesterday at the Lincoln County Fair in Tyler, MN.  It looks like a nice weekend forecast around so have a great first weekend of August.  Wow, that means school is just around the corner.  Hmmm.

07/21/14 MAYBE full steam ahead today

Good morning. It sounds like the guys are on the verge of getting into all the wheat in the Pierre area.  The forecast is hot and windy so Chad is thinking all is going to be good to go.  We also have a crew beginning in Montana today and another near Gregory, SD.  Have a great week!!

07/16/14 Preparing for Pierre

Good morning.  One crew is finishing up some peas in Kansas and then it will be all about Pierre.  The guys have been busy getting all the equipment to Pierre but I haven't heard the exact date of when cutting will begin there!  I'll keep you posted on that!  It's a beautiful day here today in the mid 70's with very little breeze.  A great afternoon on the course on this Wednesday Men's Day!!!

07/03/14 Cutting in Kansas

Good morning.  The crews are currently cuttingin Kansas in the areas of Dighton, Oberlin and Atwood.  Sounds like everyone is running this morning.  Things are looking better and better around home each day.  The recent weather has been great!  Have a great holiday weekend!!

06/23/14 Finishing up in Oklahoma

Good afternoon.  Many of the crews are finishing up in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and California and will be heading to Kansas soon.  It will be interesting too see if the wheat yields any differently as the crews move north.  As far as things back home, we are still wet here but it the week forecast ahead looks nice.  We need some good heat for some growing days around here!  Have a great week!

06/13/14 Cutting again

Good morning.  The harvesting has been hit and miss in Oklahoma and Arkansas due to scattered thunderstorms.  But it sounds like last night they got back going again and will be back at it this morning.  It sounds like the crew in California has had great harvesting weather!  It looks like the next couple of days are 20-30% chance of rains and then clear sailing for a while.  I hope!!  The newest picture here is Amanda's son, Riley sportin' the rugby look! Have a great Father's Day weekend!

06/05/14 Harvesting has begun!

Good morning.  The crews in Oklahoma and California have all been cutting for a couple days now.  I'm waiting to hear whether or not they've started in Arkansas.  Sounds like spotty wheat, some good, some poor.  We just had a downpour here at home with almost 2.5" of rain!  Yikes!  Have a great day and weekend!!

05/30/14 Havesting Soon!

Good morning.  We have crews in Arkansas, Oklahoma and California getting prepared for the 2014 Harvest Run!  I'm not sure when the actual first day of cutting will be but it may be this weekend already.  We got an 1 1/2" of rain here early this week and then 80+ degree weahter has followed so the crops are off to a great start.  Mother Nature; wish we could, but just can't control her.

05/23/14 Corn popping up!

Good morning.  Finally, I can row the corn this morning!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!  From all of us at OCF!

05/22/14 Done planting!

Good morning.  Late last night, the guys finished planting!  I looked at last year's schedule and we were still planting beans on June 7th.  So, now bring on the heat and the rain!!

05/16/14 Back into the fields

Good morning.  We are finally back into the fields and planting again.  The 10 day forecast looks great with some heat which is great!!  Have a great weekend!!

05/06/14 Planting continues

Good morning.  Planting was actually going well in April until about a week of rain came.  But we've been back in the fields since Saturday and it's been going well.  We do have a chance for more rain later tomorrow night and into Thursday.  Knock on wood but it looks like a decent 10 day forecast ahead.  Speaking of woods, first day of men's league is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have a great week!

04/15/14 Planting?? Not quite yet!

Good morning.  It's a cool 11 degrees here this morning but should warm up to 50 ish.  The whole week looks cool but next week it looks like 70's!  So, the planters are ready to roll as soon as the frost is out of the ground!  The golf course opened here last week so life is good around Hendricks!

03/31/14 Storm coming!

Okay, this is getting a little old!!  We had 60 degree weather here yesterday and now we are in a blizzard warning tonight!  Ugh!!  Oh well, I guess we should welcome the moisture.  :)  Many of our guys are starting to show up now so they are busy in the shop and trucking right now!  Have a great week!!! (Golf can't get here soon enough!!!!)

03/14/14 Spring?

After a long, cold winter it almost hit 60 degrees here yesterday!  We still have some snow on the ground but not much!  As always, the guys are busy trucking and getting equipment ready in the shop.  Everyone is anxious for spring!!!