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2013 Olsen Custom Farms Diary

01/20/14 Another blizzard!

Happy New Year to you!  It's been nothing but cold, windy, icy and snowy here since Christmas!  But, it's nice and warm in the shop in in the offices so I won't start complaining.  Wishing all of you a great 2014.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at OCF!!  We hope your Christmas Day is wonderful and we wish you nothing but great things for 2014!

12/4/13 December snow storm

Schools are getting out early today as we are expecting our first snow storm of the year.  It's going to pass through quickly though.  So, all the roads should be cleared in time for our 17th annual harvest party on Friday night!  We're getting the shop cleaned out now for the party.  It's a great farewell to many of the guys who will be leaving us for the year.  We all really look forward to the night!

11/04/13 Harvest Going Well

Good afternoon.  Bean harvest has been over for a couple weeks and went well for the most part.  Had to wait out some rains but not too bad at all.  Now, we're cruisin' on corn so it will be a busy at least first half of November!  

10/03/13 Rain

Good morning.  Things were rolling along nicely until some showers came late yesterday afternoon.  It looks to be a wet weekend around SW MN!

09/26/13 Bean harvest under way around home

Bean harvest is on the verge of being full steam ahead.  It's kind of fun to see equipment moving around home!  Also, it's still wheat, wheat, wheat up north.  Some of the guys have come back home because they've been battling rains.  It's harvest time back home!

09/03/13 Harvest going well in ND

Despite some rains that have slowed the guys up a bit, the harvest is moving nicely in North Dakota.  I know harvest is busy around the Mohall area!  Like most areas, we're just about a month behind comparing harvest to last year.  But, life is still good!

08/20/13 Harvest moving north

Hello! The guys are only a day or two from being done in Pierre and some of the crew has moved up to northern North Dakota.  The Montana crew finished up there yesterday and will be heading to North Dakota within the next couple of days.  The crops look good around home and so does the golf course!

08/02/13 Cutting going well

Good afternoon.  The combines are rolling in Pierre and in Montana this week.  I talked to Corey last night and he said they had a good day of cutting in Pierre with about 2000 acres.  Zandre and his crew in Montana are also covering much ground.  The crops around home are looking good but another inch of rain wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings either!  Have a great weekend!

07/23/13 Starting in Pierre soon

Good afternoon!  I think most of the combines have been hauled to Pierre, SD to get ready to go there soon on the spring wheat. Also, we have a small crew with a couple combines in Montana.  They will be taking a sample shortly but they think it's ready to go so they'll be full steam ahead there for three or four weeks.  The crops around home still look good (knock on wood) and a shot of rain this week sometime wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings!

07/08/13 Will be done in KS soon

I don't think it will be very many days left in Kansas before everyone starts preparing for the wheat harvest near Pierre, SD.  Also, if all goes well, I think the crew in CA is heading back east tomorrow!  I will be out of the office all week and Amanda is still on maternity leave.  She's still been putting in plenty of work time but this week in the office will be mainly my son, Taylor, and my daughter, Emily.  Please feel free to call the office and they can hook you up with Chad or any of the other guys.  Thanks and have a great week!

Happy Independence Day!

From all of us at OCF in the office and on the road, we wish you a great and safe holiday weekend!

07/02/13 On the move

Good morning.  It sounds like things are getting wrapped up in Oklahoma and California and going strong in Kansas.  Since the early severe weather about a month ago (all the tornadoes before we got there) there hasn't been much down time at all.  There's been a little bit of rain here and there but not much so the guys have been on the go.  I'm thinking California has still been hotter than Oklahoma!  Triple digits all the time out west!  The guys around the farm here at home have been staying caught up on all the fertilizing and spraying and the crops look good despite the large amounts of rainfall we had almost two weeks ago.  Also, Amanda and her baby are doing great and it will be nice to get her back into the office sometime later in July.  I'm having to work way too much!  Have a great and safe Fourth!! 

06/25/13 Happy 45th Birthday to Chad

Good morning.  First of all, happy birthday to Chad.  He has always said he likes to celebrate his birthday working in a field so I think that's what he'll be doing today.  It sounds like they've had some great days of cutting and are finishing up many jobs and some machines have moved to Kansas over the past couple of days.  Also, the California crew continues to cut and after talking to AJ yesterday, it sounds like they plan on checking out of CA after the holiday.  And, back home, much rain.  We got about 3" around home over the weekend with a little hail but it sounds like we missed a lot of the "bad stuff."  So, we move on.  With Amanda gone, I have a few things on my plate!  Have a great week!  Travis

06/21/13 Amanda had her baby!!

I finally have been given permission to post that Amanda and her husband Tim had their baby on Tuesday morning of this week.  They named him Riley Ray Appel and he was 7 lbs 12 oz.  Both Riley and Amanda are doing well and they came home from the hospital yesterday, Thursday.

06/19/13 Harvest going well

Good afternoon.  The California crew continues to cut good, irrigated wheat as the weather has been very cooperative.  And after a couple days off in Oklahoma, the guys are back in the fields there, too.  They had about a day and half off due to some rain but it looks like hot, windy weather ahead.  The wheat has been good and they are getting through lots of acres!  Have a great week!

06/16/13 Happy 11th Birthday Claire!

Claire, Chad and Pam's second oldest daughter, turned 11 today!  I think they went to McDonald's and went to play a little mini golf! 

06/11/13 Harvest Update

Although the wheat harvest has been going on for a couples weeks with one crew we have in California, the Oklahoma wheat harvest is beginning today.  The shop around the farm is like a ghost town now.  That's not all bad. :)  The last couple of days here at home have been close to 80 degrees (after getting 2 inches of rain over the weekend) so the heat is welcomed.  We still have a few beans left to plant but otherwise, all of the crops around home are looking good.  Have a great week!

06/03/13 Still planting beans

Good afternoon.  We're still trying to get the beans in the ground around home.  The guys were able to get back into the fields on Friday afternoon, a little on Saturday, but then Sunday was a good day and today has been good.  It looks like showers again tonight with only a couple days of planting left.  It would be nice if the rains would hold out but we shall see.  We have one crew in California that has been harvesting wheat for a few days now.  It was a long trip for the guys getting there but all seems to be going well for them now.   Have a great week!

05/24/13 Planting update

Good afternoon!  The guys did get all the corn planted by last Saturday before we got the weekend and early week rains which was great!  Then we had some sun yesterday and again this morning so we were back in the field with beans this afternoon but here it is around 3:30 pm and we are getting more rain.  Oh well.  It's all good!   We do have one crew on the road heading to Califormia!  Long trip!  They will start cutting wheat there next week.  Have a great holiday weekend!

05/15/13 Morning showers

Good morning.  We have had some great planting weather this past week.  Watching the weather reports it looked like we were going to get some rain this weekend but woke up to showers this morning!  So, unforeseen but welcomed.  The best part of the rain is that it looks like it stops by noon or so; just in time for afternoon golf league!!!!!!!!!!!

05/07/13 Planting going well

While driving around today, there's still some small patches of snow but we've still been able to get into most fields.  We have quite a bit of corn planted and we started some beans today as well.  We may get some showers tonight but the forecast looks warm and nice for planting.  Equally as important, tomorrow is the opening day of men's league!!!!!!!  Golf season is here!!

04/29/13 Newest member of the OCF Family

Good morning.  On April 15th, Luke and Amy Nibbe had a baby girl and they named her Jenna.  Jenna has three older brothers and I'm sure they are proud to have a baby sister!

04/25/13 Happy Birthday Josie!

Josie is Chad and Pam's oldest daughter and she turned 12 today.  Happy Birthday Josie!

04/17/13 How about one more storm?

Yep, there's another winter storm on its way.  It is supposed to hit this evening and go through Friday with up to 8" of snow.  The golf course will NEVER open!!

04/09/13 Biggest storm of the year?

This is unreal!  Sure the moisture is nice but we are getting pounded this morning with rain, sleet and snow.  All of the schools have been closed and it looks like the entire state of SD is closed!  The storm isn't supposed to end until Thursday sometime.  I'm sure once it's over the snow will be gone soon but we could get 12" or more! I don't think we'll be planting tomorrow.

04/03/13 Snow is almost gone

It's definitely getting busy around the shop these days.  The guys are getting planters ready in the shop and we've started hauling combines down south.  We actually had a crew head out to central South Dakota this morning to start some tillage work and then we hope to plant there in a few days.

03/04/13 Happy Birthday Ellie

Chad and Pam's daughter, Ellie, turned 8 years old today!  Happy Birthday, Ellie!

02/11/13 More snow!

Good afternoon.  It's a day of cleanup around here as we got 6"-8" of snow on Sunday.  It's supposed to warm up to above 30 during the next couple of days so much of the snow will melt soon.  Nice moisture, just messy.  By looking outside, it's hard to imagine that we're only 60 days or so away from planting!

01/28/13 On the road

Today Chad and I are heading to the Custom Harvesting Convention in Kansas City and then to Chicago from there for some meetings.  Our wives are flying out to join us mid week so we should have a nice little getaway.  Have a great week!

01/21/13 Minnesota cold

Good afternoon.  The only thing running around the farm and office today is the computers!  It's 20 degrees below zero here today!  Hope you are warm wherever you are!

01/11/13 Latest OCF news

Good morning.  Looks like we'll have another couple days of MN winter weather today and tomorrow; some freezing rain topped wtih a few inches of snow.  Ugh.  Oh well, as long as we can travel safely, it's moisture!  (Since a computer update, I cannot create paragraphs on this diary so it will seem like just run on paragraphs jumping from topic to topic!  Sorry for that!)  Here is some latest OCF news.  Let's see, Jeff, one of our truck drivers fell and hurt himself and when he went to the doctor, they found some problems with his back that has seemed to run in his family.  This happened a couple weeks before the new year and since he's had surgery it's been a bit of a slow recovery.  But, after talking to his wife this morning, it sounds like he's really doing much better so that was good to hear.  Charlie, Chad and Pam's son, turned 5 yesterday so that was a big day for him.  And, Amanda is expecting a baby near the end of June!  That's it for today!  Have a great weekend!  

01/10/13 Happy New Year!

Good morning and Happy New Year from all of us at OCF!  Cheers to a great 2013!!  Check out the three new videos posted!