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2012 Olsen Custom Farms Diary

01/08/13 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you!  I think 2013 is going to bring great things for farmers!  Lots of rain and sunshine!  I'll be updating some pictures soon and updating the videos so please check back soon!  Travis

10/19/12 Harvest almost over!

Good morning!  I've been horrible about keeping the website updated but we are nearly done with harvest around home and on the road.  We got just over an inch of needed rain yesterday which will prevent one crew from finishing up the corn in the next couple days.

09/18/12 Combining galore!

With both corn and beans ready around here, it's crazy around the farm!  We got a nice shot of rain yesterday but the forecast looks great for the next 10 days or so.  Crops are coming out quickly around here!

09/11/12 Harvesting around home

Good afternoon.  We started taking out some beans and some corn around home yesterday so harvest here has officially begun.  Life is very busy around here right now!

09/05/12 Harvest around home getting closer

Good morning. The busy life of school and sports has begun!  Along with that, the beans are starting to turn and the moisture of the corn is dropping every day.  Harvest isn't that far off and like everyone, we hope the yields are better than predicted!

08/13/12 More rain at home

Good morning.  The guys in North Dakota have been trying to dodge rains as they cut wheat but they've been getting a day off here and there because of the showers.  Honestly, I'm sure they pray for a rain day here and there so they can relax a bit.

08/02/12 Some rain!

Good morning.  We finally got aobut a half inch of rain here at home last night.  It's been our first rain since around June 20th.  Looks like there's more on the way on Friday.  I  hope so!

07/17/12 Winding down in Pierre

Good morning.  I've been on a "business trip" in Moline, Illinois for a week at the John Deere Classic!  Got much accomplished!  Sometime soon I'll create a photo gallery for that business trip!

07/05/12 Full steam ahead in Pierre

Good afternoon and I hope all you had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July!

06/29/12 Almost full steam ahead in Pierre

Good morning.  Chad said they got a little shot of rain in Pierre this morning so they probably wouldn't get into the fields until 2:00 or so today.  They've got a few thousand acres under their belt so they are just getting their feet wet so to speak.

06/25/12 Happy Birthday Chad

Good morning.  After texting with Zandre this morning, it looks like they have just over 2000 acres of peas yet to cut in Kansas before he and his crew head north to Pierre.  And, it sounds like they will begin in Pierre today on some wheat that is ready but Chad's thinking it may be next week yet before everything is ready to be cut out there.

06/20/12 Will begin in Pierre next week

Good morning.  It sounds like the guys are strung out between Kansas and Pierre, SD.  A couple crews are cutting peas in Kansas while the rest are moving equipment to Pierre where it sounds like they may begin cutting on Monday of next week.

06/13/12 Going well in Kansas

Good morning.  Things are still going well in Kansas with harvest.  After talking with Chad this morning, it sounds like some equipment will start moving to Pierre within a few days.

06/07/12 Done in Oklahoma

Good morning.  It sounds like we are wrapped up in Oklahoma as of yesterday.  Many of the crews have been cutting in Kansas for a week or so but now all the crews are there. AND, it sounds like the wheat in Pierre will be ready in a couple weeks!

06/01/12 Day off yesterday

Due to some rain, nobody cut any wheat yesterday in Oklahoma.  However, they are back at it today.  Zandre and AJ are in Kansas and tested some wheat yesterday and I guess it wasn't quite ready so they may be trying again this afternoon.

05/30/12 El Reno FFA Officer Team

Good morning.  I received a very kind email from Darla yesterday sharing some pictures taken by Tiffany Robinson of the El Reno FFA Officer Team.  Please check out the great pics below and they have also been posted in the Okalahoma 2012 picture gallery.

05/29/12 Many acres harvested over the weekend

Good morning.  I talked to many of the guys over the holiday weekend and they got much ground covered.  Also, Chad says it looks like some wheat in Kansas will be ready on Friday!  I wouldn't doubt the guys wouldn't frown upon a rain delay sometime soon!

05/25/12 Amanda is 30 tomorrow!

Just like the day before, yesterday was another good day of cutting in Oklahoma.  I'm getting requests to post more pictures so I hope to add some more today to the Okahaoma 2012 photo gallery!  Also, I have now added a Spring 2012 gallery.

05/24/12 Combining going well in Oklahoma

Good morning.  Since last night and through this morning, I've talked to Chad, Luke, Chris, Jake and Zandre and they are all happy with the way things are going.  It's hot and windy around the Enid and El Reno area and the forecast looks like more of the same.  That's great for cutting!

05/18/12 Happy Birthday Nora!

Chad and Pam's youngest daughter is two years old today!  Happy Birthday, Nora!

05/15/12 Started harvest yesterday!

One crew began harvesting canola yesterday in Oklahoma so the combines are in the field!  More of the guys continue to head down south from our farm but we still have a couple days of planting left here.  It's been a great spring and full wheat harvest is right around the corner!

05/10/12 First crew heading south tomorrow!

Our first crew is leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow and it sounds like the harvest will begin ealry next week!  Wow.  Early!  Soon I'll be keeping you updates from the harvest season 2012!

05/03/12 Will be done planting corn today

Good morning!  The corn planting will be done today and the planters will be switching over to beans.  We have corn "popping up in rows" as we'd have decent amounts of moisture and sun.  It's been a great start to the spring so we hope that continues for the bean planting!

04/23/12 Back planting

We've had almost 3" of rain during the past 10 days or so.  We surely needed it and now the short term forecast looks to be in the 70"s and even 80's so planting resumed this morning.  It looks like a good week of field work ahead!

04/11/12 Planting beginning!

Although the weather is a bit cool, the conditions for planting are super.  It would be nice to get a bunch of acres planted by the weekend and then get these expected showers!

03/01/12 Some good moisture

Good afternoon.  We got a fair amount of rain and snow over the past couple of days which is sure good for the ground.  The ice doesn't make travel very fun but we'll sure take the moisture!

02/07/12 Paperwork Season

Good morning!  I call this time of year the Paperwork Season!  We are wrapping up year end financials, getting 2012 Custom Harvest agreements ready to roll, analyzing 2012 equipment needs, tweaking the 2012 budgets for all entities, organizing the paperwork to be ready to prepare tax returns, etc.  It's all good!  Amanda and I feel needed!  :) :)