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2011 Olsen Custom Farms Diary

12/28/11 Spring weather?

Good afternoon!  I hope you all had a great Christmas!  We had a great family gathering here but it was definitely without snow!  It's been in the high 40's here and that trend looks to continue into next week!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Have a great weekend!

12/12/11 What a party!!

We had the Johnny Holm Band help us celebrate the end of the year!  Wow did we have fun on Friday night.  Thanks to all of you for a great year!

11/11/11 Happy Birthday Jeff!

Good morning. TGIF!  It looks like shop work, some rock picking and tillage work yet today.  The weather forecast looks great through the weekend so it looks like the tillage will get finished up and the harvest season will soon be complete!  Even though some August rains would have been nice, it's been a great year!

Jake and Ashley had their baby!

Good morning.  On Sunday morning, November 6th, Jake and Ashley had a baby boy!  His name is Westyn Jacobus weighing 7lbs 10 oz.  Congrats to them as the OCF family grows!!!!!!!!!!  I'll get a picture posted soon!

10/31/11 Work as usual

Good afternoon and Happy Halloween!  The guys are trick or treating in the fields today.  Although harvest is getting nearer to a close, there's still some good weather days ahead.  By this weekend, I would think things would be really close to being wrapped up.

10/20/11 Harvest progressing

Good morning.  Our bean harvest is complete and we are well into the corn.  The weather has been great for harvest so we're hoping to be done early this year!  (Knock on wood!)

10/4/11 Pam's Marathon on Sunday!

Good morning.  On Sunday, Pam ran another marathon in the Twin Cities and she had another great performance!  According to my notes, she got 339th out of 8,510, 47th out of 3,663 and 6th our of 569 in her age group!  Her time was 3:08!  She runs more in a week than I drive!

09/29/11 Bean harvest under way

Good morning!  We've been in the fields the past few days cutting soybeans.  The weather has been perfect for being in the field and the forecast looks great as well.

09/22/11 Preparing to get in the fields around home

Good morning.  All of the guys are back home and working in the shop and washbay.  It looks like we'll be in the fields around here by mid next week or so.  A freeze last week did some damage to the crops so we'll just have to wait and see how it affected the yeild.

09/14/11 Coming home from ND!

Good morning!  I know I've been horrible at keeping up with the diary on the website!

08/12/11 Paying respect to Vierhuf's

A few days ago, the brother of one of our friends and employee, Todd Vierhuf, was in a car accident.  After a few days on life support, Todd's brother passed away yesterday evening.  It's a very sad day and we pray for healing for Todd and his family.

08/11/11 Cutting in North Dakota

The guys have begun harvest in North Dakota during the past couple of days.  I talked to Luke this morning and he has a crew running as well as Cris.  It sounds like the going has been good since they've started there!

08/08/11 Done in Pierre

Good afternoon.  The guys officially got done in Pierre on Saturday.  Now it's on to North Dakota!!

08/03/11 Only a day or two left in Pierre

Good morning.  Chad says they are getting through the spring wheat and if all is dry today, they may even finish up tonight!

07/27/11 A little slow going in Pierre

Good morning.  Because of some rains, the crews didn't get much cut yesterday in Pierre.  Chad says the ground is really wet right now so it's tough going because the machines keep getting stuck.  They will be giving it another try later today, however.

07/25/11 Still going well in Pierre

Good morning.  I had a chance to stop and see the combines in action yesterday in Pierre.  Chad was running one crew, Luke another just across the road, and then Jake had yet another crew on the other side of the ranch.  (By the way, happy birthday yesterday, Jake!) 

07/21/11 Cutting continues to be good in Pierre

Good morning.  Everything seems to be going smoothly in Pierre as the guys are knocking out many acres every day.  The weather has been cooperating and Chad is thinking by next Tuesday they may be done with the winter wheat.  Then, it's on to the spring wheat.

07/19/11 103 degrees forecasted in Pierre today

I hope the guys have plenty of water today in Pierre because it looks like it will be a hot one.  Over the next 10 days, it looks like it gradually cools down though.

07/18/11 Cutting in Pierre

Good morning.  Cutting began in Pierre on Saturday.  I talked to Corey and he said they got quite a few acres done over the weekend.  We're still finishing up some work in Kansas as well so it's not quite full force in Pierre yet.  The forecast looks HOT for Pierre (as well as here at home) for the entire week so I would think many acres would get done this week.

07/06/11 John Deere Classic

Good morning from Moline, IL.  I'm down here at the John Deere Classic again and get to play in the Pro Am today!  I play with Charlie Wi at 12:30 today.  Our range time this morning is with John Daly, Steve Stricker, David Duval, Zach Johnson, Stewart Cink and Kenny Perry to name a few.  Crazy.  Go to www.johndeereclassic.com to see more about what's going on.

06/29/11 Leaving Dighton, KS

Good morning.  The crews finished up around Dighton, KS yesterday and are now packing up to head north.  We still have some crews cutting near Oberlin, KS as well but I think the guys that got done in Dighton are going to start bringing equipment to Pierre to get things set up there.

06/21/11 Official first day of summer?

Good morning.  The official first day of summer came with an inch of rain during the night with a possible one to two inches more throughout today here at home.  It also sounds like Kansas is cool and rainy this morning so it doesn't look like there will be any cutting there today.  The rain in Kansas could have waited until tomorrow so Luke could have taken his birthday off!

06/16/11 Happy Birthday Claire!

Chad's daughter, Claire, is celebrating her birthday this morning in Oklahoma.  She told me she was going to go mini golfing today!  :)

06/10/11 Harvesting wrapping up in Oklahoma

Good morning.  Richard and Russ Pitzl made it back to Hendricks last night.  They've been cutting in Oklahoma for us for the last ten days or so.  They said the wheat was better than expected and that everything went extremely smooth.  The weather was ideal the entire time they were working.

06/06/2011 Going well in the South and at home

Good morning.  I had a chance to talk to Luke and Jake this morning and they both are doing well in the heat down in Oklahoma.  Jake said he'd be done tomorrow or Wednesday with the job he and his crew are on now and Luke said he may be done late tonight with his current job.  Jake is near El Reno and Luke is near Billings.  Luke said that the guys heading up some other crews (Richard, Cris, DuWayne and AJ) are also doing well.  Luke said, "We haven't stopped since we landed."

05/31/11 Harvest begins in the south

The skies are clear and it's over 90 degrees where the guys are cutting in Oklahoma today.  I think it's been quite a while since our first cutting day was actually in May.

05/19/11 Planting continues

Yesterday was a long day in the fields for the guys trying to get as much planted as possible before the rains come later tonight.  We're getting a lot done but we don't need the rain that is headed our way.

05/02/11 More planting today

Good morning.  After some rain showers late on Friday night, we have had an incredibly windy and cool weekend.  The ground looks fairly dry this morning so I'm sure more corn acres will get planted today.  There are still many spots that need to dry up but it looks like there's some sun this week!

04/26/11 More rain

Good morning. We have continued to receive rains so nobody around here has been in the field planting yet.  The forecast for the remainder of the week looks wet as well but starting next week, it looks like we'll see the sun again.

04/04/11 Snow is melting

Good morning.  We have had a few 50 degree days here and it looks like more of that later this week.  We still have a little snow on the ground but it's leaving rapidly.  Good!

03/10/11 Dad's hunt of the day!

Mom and Dad called home around 11:00 am (7:00 pm their time) and Dad was on cloud nine from just shooting a black wildebeest a couple hours before he called.  I told him to have someone help him email me some pictures of the hunt.  I'm not counting on that happening but we'll see!

03/09/11 Update from home

Dad called yesterday afternoon around 5:00 pm (1:00 am his time) just to say that all is good in South Africa.  He kept saying, "you just wouldn't belive this.  You wouldn't believe this!"  He sounded pretty excited and it sounded like the weather was pretty nice.  I told him to send some pictures so I could post them on the website while he is gone so we'll see.  I haven't gotten to talk to Mom so HI MOM!

03/08/11 Mom & Dad landing in South Africa

Good morning.  Our parents left Atlanta last night aroung 7:10 pm to go to South Africa to visit some of the guys who have worked for Olsen Custom Farms in the past.  I believe it was around a 16 hour flight or so.  So they are still in the air as I type this so hopefully it's been a good flight and they will land within a couple hours.

02/23/11 Winter Wonderland

We received another foot of snow on Sunday and the temperatures have turned cold again.  I'm sure Chad is tired of moving snow.  I hope it's all gone in about six weeks because it's time to start golfing again!

01/31/11 Happy Birthday Corey

Good evening!  Today is our brother Corey's 37th birthday.  He gets to celebrate it by staying home tonight because we are snowed in AGAIN!  The wind is supposed to pick up tonight and be rough conditions tomorrow.  This weather has been crazy!