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07/27/10 Another good day!

Good morning.  Chad said it was another good day in Pierre with about a 2500 acre day.  Like I said yesterday, they could finish this week if the rains miss them out there!

We had an eventfuly morning today already!  We got a call from the Sherrif saying our horses were out and were close to the highway!  So, with many of us involved we found them only about a mile away from the farm.  I should have had my camera but I didn't!  Pam and my daughter Emily were running down the road behind the horses chasing them toward the horse barn.  It was a funny site to see all of them running down the road!  I took the appropriate spot behind the wheel of my pickup to watch carefully to make sure things didn't get out of control!  :) :)

It is supposed to be HOT and MUGGY here today!!

Have a great day!!