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08/19/10 Busy at OCF!

Good afternoon.  Yea, I know.  Where I've been?  I've been here just not posting diary entries!!

Scott and his crew are now into Canada cutting wheat.  It's always fun trying to get across the border but Scott and Amanda got all the paperwork completed that needed to be done.

Jeff Neyens and his crew are near Mohall harvesting barley.

Jake and his crew are cutting spring wheat near Minot.  (Are you glad Brett is coming back to the Vikes, Jake??  I am!!)

AJ and his crew are in Washburn just finishing up and then they are headed to Minot.

Chris is near Hazen cutting wheat and canola and when finished, they will head to Richardton.

Luke and his crew are almost done near Mott and then they are headed to Richardton as well.

So, the guys have been cutting like mad.  I just haven't been taking the proper time to call everyone to get the low down!  Believe it or not, we are very busy in the office these days!  A good busy!

Have a great evening and weekend!