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07/19/10 Finished winter wheat in Pierre

Good morning.  The guys finished the winter wheat in Pierre last night so the plan was to sample some spring wheat this morning to see if it would be ready to go.  Well, they got about a half inch of rain in the night so it looks like a day off today.  I'm sure nobody will complain about that!

I did stop by and see the guys in Pierre on Friday.  It was about 104 degrees and the combines, trucks, tractors and graincarts were all swarming around.  All 24 combines that we have running in Pierre were going to meet at one certain field this morning to get a good photo of them all together.  With getting all the winter wheat done last night, Chad said that picture was taken last night so I hope to get ahold of that soon.

I'm posting some pictures to a new Pierre 2010 gallery right now.  I'll be adding pictures throughout the day to that gallery.

Have a great Monday and keep checking back for new pics!