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2010 Olsen Custom Farms Diary

Happy New Year!!!

Hello from cold, MN!  It will be nice for everyone to have some normal working hours for a couple months but I know some of the guys are already looking forward to getting back in the fields! 

12/03/10 Harvest Party Tomorrow!

Good afternoon.  Tomorrow  night is our 14th annual harvest party here at the farm.  We have had a great year with a great crew.  We are especially thankful for the SAFE season that we had. 

11/12/10 Harvest over?

It doesn't seem like harvest can be over by the 12th of November?  We just have a little tillage work left and that's it!  What a great stretch of weather we had once the heavy rains quit!

10/27/10 Snow!

Good morning.  Yesterday all of the guys had the day off because of rain the night before.  Now, today we have a bit of snow coming down!  I don't think it will amount to much but the wind has been absolutely horrible yesterday and this morning!

10/18/10 Getting through the corn

Good afternoon.  We have finished up all the beans and moved on to corn early last week.  We have had just a great stretch of weather the past few weeks.  All is going good at OCF!

10/6/10 All is good

Good afternoon.  The bean harvest continues to go well.  The weather has been great but we still have some wet spots in the fields that make combining tough.  But, all the crews have been going full steam for days so jobs are getting done!

10/1/10 Still going!

Good afternoon!  It's been another good harvesting day as the weather has really been cooperating ever since the last day of flooding about a week ago.  Uff da.  (That's what we say in Minnesota.)

09/29/10 Continuing with bean harvest

Good afternoon.  Yes, it's Wednesday again and the weather is nice so it looks like we'll hit the golf course before nightfall!!

09/28/10 In the fields around home!

Hello again!  We got around 400 acres of beans harvested yesterday afternoon.  The ground is extremely wet but we have purchased some tracks for some of the combines that are working out very well.  I'll try to get some pics of these posted tomorrow!

09/16/10 We're alive!!

Good morning!  Rain, rain, rain!!!  The amount of rain we've received here at home and in North Dakota has been unbelievable!

09/2/10 Plenty of rain in ND!

Good morning.  I talked to Scott for a bit this morning and he said there's a 50% chance of rain again today!  They haven't cut since last Friday!  The forecast up there looks like sunny and windy tomorrow and Saturday looks okay as well and then a chance of storms again on Sunday. 

08/26/10 Happy 45th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Good morning.  Today is Mom and Dad's 45th anniversary!!

08/19/10 Busy at OCF!

Good afternoon.  Yea, I know.  Where I've been?  I've been here just not posting diary entries!!

08/09/10 Cutting barley and peas in ND

Good afternoon.  I talked to Scott this morning and he and his crew were cutting barley near Mohall, ND.  He's got four machines running and he said the crops were very good up there.  Amanda talked to Jake as well and I believe Jake and his crew finished up a barley job just yesterday.  I also talked to AJ  this morning and he and his crew were cutting peas today.  I don't think any wheat is being cut yet but I think it's close.

08/03/10 Finished in Pierre

Good morning.  The guys did finish in Pierre on Saturday evening and they all celebrated with a nice meal together Saturday night.  It's a great job to have done but now it's time to start moving equipment north into North Dakota where our attention will be focused for the next month or so!

07/30/10 Cutting to resume??

Howdy.  I just talked to Luke (4:00 pm our time, and 3:00 pm their time) and he said they just got done cutting a couple loads and they are testing it to see if it's dry enough to continue to cut this afternoon.  With only 2100 acres remaining, hopefully with the remainder of today and then into tomorrow they can wrap it up in Pierre.  We shall see!

07/29/10 Not so lucky today with weather!

Good morning.  Luke called the office this morning around 8:30 and said that it was raining in Pierre.  Bummer!  Luke said there was only about 2100 acres left to cut.  So, maybe tomorrow??  Saturday??

07/28/10 Still rolling in Pierre

Good afternoon.  As we were getting some showers here at home last night around 9:00, I called Corey to see if the rain stopped them in Pierre at all.  He said they were still cutting at 9:00 last night and the rains went around them so that's good.  The weather is good there again this morning and Chad said with a couple of really good cutting days, they would be nearing an end.

07/27/10 Another good day!

Good morning.  Chad said it was another good day in Pierre with about a 2500 acre day.  Like I said yesterday, they could finish this week if the rains miss them out there!

07/26/10 Back to work!

Good morning.  First and foremost, Jake turned 30 years old on Saturday!  Happy belated birthday, Jake!

07/22/10 Some down time in Pierre

Good morning.  With Pierre getting some rain during the day yesterday, the guys are off today.  Some of the guys actually came home last night to take care of some business here and they'll head back to Pierre tomorrow or even later today.

07/20/10 Another shot of rain in Pierre

Good morning.  Pierre received another shot of rain last night so Chad said today would be a day of some minor repairs and moving equipment around. 

07/19/10 Finished winter wheat in Pierre

Good morning.  The guys finished the winter wheat in Pierre last night so the plan was to sample some spring wheat this morning to see if it would be ready to go.  Well, they got about a half inch of rain in the night so it looks like a day off today.  I'm sure nobody will complain about that!

07/14/10 Going crazy in Pierre!

Howdy!  I just got off the phone with Corey and he said they started cutting around 11:00 this morning.  He said Pierre got a little shot of rain this morning but it missed the fields west of Pierre where we are cutting so it's been full steam ahead!  We have 22 machines running today and 2 more are on their way out there right now.  I'm heading out to a wedding tomorrow in western SD and I'll swing through Pierre on Friday to see everyone.

07/13/10 Combines getting ready for the day!

Good morning.  I just talked to Corey and he said the combines are all greased up and getting ready to go for the day.  The day started out cloudy but it's sunny and windy now he said.  He sounds excited to start cutting wheat!

07/12/10 20 combines rolling in Pierre

Good afternoon.  Yep, it's time for me to get back to work in the office!

7/08/10 How sweet it is!

Good morning from Moline, IL.  Today is the first day of the John Deere Classic but the past few days have been extraordinary.  In the days leading up to today, I have had many great experiences.  As I was warming up to get ready for our 12:30 tee time yesterday in the Pro Am, I was putting along side David Duval and Zach Johnson.  Cool stuff!  On the practice range, I was in the middle of Robert Lane, former CEO of John Deere worldwide and Sam Allen, the current CEO.  We had some good conversation and both knew about Olsen Custom Farms in Minnesota.  I played in the pro am with PGA player Jason Day of Australia.  Please tune in and watch him this weekend and next week in the British Open.

07/02/10 Have a great 4th!

Good afternoon!  Sorry I haven't written for a while!

06/28/10 Non stop in Kansas

Good morning.  First of all, Happy Belated Birthday, DuWayne!  His birthday was yesterday!

06/25/10 Happy Birthday Chad

Chad is yet another year older today!  It's getting up there where I better not say  his age any more.  Although, he may start getting some discounts at certain restaraunts and grocery stores.

06/24/10 Same old, same old

I really don't have anything new to report today.  I haven't taken the time today to call everyone to see how things are going.  I did talk to Chris while he was cutting hear Dighton and he said things were going well there.

06/23/10 Good day ahead

Good afternoon.  I gave Scott a call just a bit ago and he and his crew were just getting into the fields about 1:00.  He was working out some computer kinks and then they'd be rolling.  Maybe if he would have paid a little more attention in computer class he'd have 100 acres cut by now.  :)

06/22/10 Happy Birthday Luke!

Good morning!  Luke is 33 today!  He just treated himself to a breakfast burrito at McDonalds!  He will be spending his day in the field as it's hot and windy down there again today.  He said they have a couple days left in Billings and then they'd be heading to Kansas as well.

06/21/10 Moving to Kansas

Good morning.  It's been a great last few days of cutting in Oklahoma.  Actually all of the crews with the exception of Luke's crew in Billings are done and heading to Kansas to cut later this afternoon or first thing tomorrow.  Chad said it's hot and muggy in Oklahoma this morning.  It's been a good run for us in Oklahoma and we thank all of our customers there for keeping OCF as part of their business plan again for 2010.

06/18/10 Message from Pam

Hello to all back home and in South Africa!  The sun is suppsed to shine in OK now for awhile so I think everyone will be busy the next few days.  Chad was out with Richard this afternoon and that crew was working along and so were Scott and his crew.  Jake said Sat. morning is when he will get busy as they had 4 inches of rain where he is cutting.  I think Luke is hoping for Friday.  As for Amy, Ashley and I ...we are trying to keep the kids occupied and happy.  They have wanted to have a lemonade stand but we haven't accomplished that yet.  We were lucky enough to have one concert in front of the camper.  Tour dates will be posted at a later date.  The battery operated gators and tractors are getting a workout here and the mud puddles have been enjoyed too.  Nora is growing and has been a great harvest baby!  Plenty of arms to hold her when needed and trying to keep her out of the heat for the most part!  The newest pet to join the crew is a frog Matthew and Claire found.  All the kids are enjoying Matthews newest pet.  Cody also found a turtle last week...he is a favorite too!  Thanks for having this website Travis...Chad enjoys it too!  Hope everyone is doing well!  Miss you!

06/17/10 Hot and windy in the South

Good morning.  Finally, maybe, just maybe the guys will be cutting again today.

06/16/10 Happy Birthday Claire!

Chad and Pam's daughter, Claire, turned 8 today.  Happy Birthday, Claire!

06/15/10 Rain in Oklahoma

Good afternoon.  When I mean rain in Oklahoma, I mean rain in Oklahoma!  Chad said Oklahoma City received 13" of rain!  Serious flooding.  The areas we harvest got between 1 and 2 inches so that's not so bad.

06/13/10 Going hard down south!

Good evening.  We received another 1.5" of rain around here on Saturday morning.  Made it tough to get the golf tournament completed but we got it done!  Everyone just had to walk instead of ride their golf cars.

06/11/10 Story of the day; rain at home!

Good morning.  We got 2.6 inches of rain last night!  It was a down pour!  More importantly (I'm kidding of course) the golf course got 3.5 inches!  Ugh.  Big tourney starts today.

06/09/10 More showers

Good morning.  Amanda and I talked to Chad this morning and he said Enid got another shower in the night but El Reno did not.  So the guys in El Reno are putting in some time and cutting good wheat but around Enid, the guys are patiently waiting!

6/08/10 Good morning

Good morning.  Jansen and Petrus were here early this morning to hook up another grain cart to take down to Oklahoma as well as a tractor and graincart.  It was good to see them for a few minutes.

06/07/10 Some rain in the south

Good morning. I just talked to Luke and he said they got over an inch of rain in Enid during the night.  The chance of rain was only 20%.  It looks like the forecast is 99 degrees for a high all week and still 20% chance of some showers.

06/4/10 Hot down south!

Scott called to talk to Amanda and he told her it was 95 degrees and humid!  I think he was fixing his air conditioner!!

6/3/10 Everyone has left!

Good afternoon.  Chad and Pam and their family left for Oklahoma this morning so things, hopefully, will be a little quieter around here a little while so Amanda and I can get caught up on some paperwork.

06/01/10 Heading south

Good morning.  Many of the guys have already made the trek down south, some are leaving today and more will be leaving toward the end of the week.  I haven't heard what day will be the first day of cutting will be but I'll let you know as soon as I know!

05/25/10 Some showers

Good morning.  We have had some nice, sunny days lately but we've also received some big thunderstorms.  We got an inch and a quarter on Saturday morning and then we got another shot last night but I haven't checked the guage to see exactly how much.  The forecast for today and the rest of the week looks like mid 80's every day so the warm days will be welcomed!

05/20/10 Nora Diane Olsen

Chad and Pam gave little baby Olsen a name yesterday, Nora Diane.  Pam will be coming home from the hospital this afternoon.  Nora's older sisters are excited to get Nora and Mom back home!  Please see a picture of her on the  home page of the website today and this picture is also in the photo gallery "Chad Olsen family pics."

5/18/10 at approx 5:35 It's a Girl!!

Everyone is healthy but I don't have a name to give you, yet.  She weighed 6 1/2 lbs.  That's all the news I have at this point but I'll fill in more information tomorrow.

05/18/10 Baby news.

Pam has not had the baby yet as of 8:00 this morning.  The baby will be here today!!!  I'll keep you posted!

05/17/10 Will this day be a birthdate?

Good morning.  This is probably the nicest morning we've had in well over a month!  Sun, warm and no wind!

05/14/10 The SUN is out!!

Good morning!  Yes, we have sun, finally!!!

05/12/10 Hump Day!

Good morning.  We have another cold, dreary day here in SW Minnesota BUT the forecast looks great!  God invented golf rain gear for days like today! :)

05/11/10 Pre harvest run party

Good morning.  Although it rained all day yesterday, and it looks like it will today AND tomorrow as well, we had a nice pre harvest run party for the guys in our wash bay!  We had a place from Brookings called "Nick's Hamburgers" come over with their kitchen on wheels to make everyone some burgers.  It worked out slick and we stayed dry!

5/7/10 Snow???

Well maybe it wasn't snow but it was sleeting for sure!  It is supposed to be a bit nicer tomorrow!

5/6/10 Still planting

Good morning.  The guys planted until about midnight last night.  Man, the last couple of days have been horribly windy!  It appears to be a calmer day today and we have some welcomed showers possibly coming in later today and tomorrow.

04/29/10 Corn popping up

Good morning.  Some corn is now visible in the fields.  Again, it's been a great spring plant.

04/28/10 Back in the fields

Good morning.  We have sure had a good planting spring!  We got some showers last Friday and during the weekend but the guys are back in the fields today.  We'll finish all the corn during the next couple of days and then it looks like some rain later tomorrow night and on Friday.  Once the fields absorb that moisture, we'll be on to bean planting.

04/21/10 Planting going well

Good morning.  We have had some great weather here the past week or so.  We've had three planters running many hours per day so we've covered a lot of ground.  It won't be too many days before we start asking for a shot of rain!

4/1/10 Combining Wheat!!

Good morning.  Scott and Chuck took a crew down to Oklahoma a couple days ago and they've been working through night combining some 100+ bu wheat.  These crops are the best the farmers down there have ever seen!  April Fools.

03/30/10 Welcomed weather!

Good afternoon.  I'm not sure, but it may have hit 70 degrees here today!  The snow is disappearing quickly!

Website back in action!!

Good morning.  Yes, I finally asked our webmaster to help set up the Tour Diary for 2010!