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08/14/09 Done in Pierre

The guys finished cutting in Pierre on Wednesday night.   Some are on the road now on their way to North Dakota.

Due to the weather, the spring wheat in Pierre was planted a little later than normal which held up harvest a bit toward the end.  But, we can't compete with the weather.  The family that we cut for in Pierre is just a super family and our business and personal relationships with them continue to grow.  As we are with everyone we cut for, we are very thankful that you call on us for assistance.

Today is Scott Krier's birthday!  As many of you know, Scott is one of our foreman on our crew and is a valuable piece of the OCF puzzle!

Have a great day and weekend!


The PGA Championship began yesterday in Chaska, MN.  I went there to try to pick up some acres to harvest for this fall.  I didn't get any so I'm going to go try again tomorrow and Sunday.  I'll wave at you from the grandstands on hole 18 green!  Listen for me.  I'll be the one yelling "got combine????!!!!!!!!!!!" as Tiger strokes his final putt on Sunday afternoon.  I hope I'm out of jail by golf league on Wednesday.