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08/17/09 Moved to North Dakota

Good morning.  I believe everyone has moved into North Dakota.  I talked to Chad this morning and Luke also called in to check these failing commodity markets.

Anyway, Chad was near Sterling, ND and Luke was in Washburn, ND.  Both of them talked about it being so cold there this morning.  We have some guys in Minot, Mohall, Richardton and then we have one crew cutting in Montana.  With it being so cold and cloudy, it doesn't look like today will be a cutting day.  Much of the equipment is still being moved to the right location anyway so I don't think this should put us behind at all.

It's cool and cloudy at home here this morning as well.  It feels like an early fall harvest morning.

Have a great start to your week!


PS  Tiger and I had lunch together this weekend.  It was pretty neat.  We were about 50 yards apart while we ate, though.  I was eating a hot dog and he was eating a banana.  We invited about 40,000 of our friends so we didn't to talk much, or at all really.  Neither one of us invited Y.E. Yang but he showed up and stole the show!  Wow.  He played good golf.