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08/31/09 Chad Olsen Racing

Chad is fine but it was a rough night of racing on Friday night in Montevideo, MN.  When the cars were rubbing each during the third lap of the feature race, Chad was bumped into the wall on turn one in front of the grandstands.  There's about a five foot gap in the concrete wall where people can walk through to get from the grandstands to the inside of the track.  His front right tire got caught in that concrete gap and sent him flying end over end and finally ending upside down in a torn apart car.   He said he knew he was okay and as he flipped his face mask of his helmet up, the car started on fire.  So, he put is mask back down, took his seat belt off but couldn't get out of the car.  He said he was on fire for 15-20 seconds but the fireproof suit he was wearing did it's job.   He was burned slightly on his neck, chin and one knee.  He spent about an hour in the ambulance at the track for precautionary reasons.

He has already found another car and is planning racing this coming weekend at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron, SD.

On a more serious note, I accidently hit my shin with my pitching wedge and I have a pretty nasty bruise.  Golf can just be brutal compared to racing.