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2009 Olsen Custom Farms Diary

Merry Christmas!

We are expecting 16" to 18" of snow during the next couple of days.  It WILL be a white Christmas!

12/3/09 Winter is here!

Good morning.  We got about an inch of snow last night and the flurries have been flying this morning as well.  It's down to 14 degrees which has obviously firmed up the ground the the combines can get into the wetter ground now.  There's still a lot of corn to harvest so the guys are working hard!

11/25/09 I'm alive!

Good morning!  What a fall!  Obiously I've been horrible at updating the website!

10/29/09 Denton Schwartz farming with Grandpa

Good morning.  In between all the rains, we have been able to get quite a bit of fieldwork done over the past couple weeks.  We have another rain day today but it's supposed to clear off in a day or two and then we'll be back at it with a stretch of warmer weather!

10/13/09 Rain/Snow forecasted for the week

Good morning.  There is rain and snow forecasted this week but it looks like it will clear up on Friday or Saturday.

10/08/09 Rains have stopped!

Good morning.  We have had many inches of rain here during the last week.  It didn't rain yesterday and it hasn't yet today but there's even a little snow in the forecast I've heard. 

09/25/09 Guys coming back home

It's about time I write something again!!

09/17/09 Still going strong in ND

All five crews are cutting today.  I just talked to Jake for a bit and Amanda had talked to Scott and Luke this morning.  The forecast looks good to get a bunch done over the next few days.

09/15/09 Sun is shining in ND!

Good morning.  I talked to Scott for a bit this morning and he said they cut from about 4:30 to 9:00 last night but the sun is shining this morning and they'll be back in the fields within a couple hours.  He said they only have a few days left of cutting mustard in Canada.

09/11/09 Good day yesterday

Good morning.  The crews had a good day of cutting yesterday all over North Dakota but showers during the night will make it a slow start this morning.  Luke said they didn't get much rain in Richardton so hopefully they will start cutting by mid day today.

09/09/09 Cool date to type

Happy 9/9 of 09!  Good date for a little golf.  Yes, league is over but we still play a little best ball on Wednesdays after work.

09/08/09 Rain in ND

Although they got some rain later yesterday, the guys have been getting a lot cut during the past few days.  I'm told Scott's crew cut over 1000 acres of mustard in Canada over the weekend.

9/01/09 Testing the mustard!

Good afternoon.  It sounds like the guys are finishing up most of the barley today and sampling the mustard in Canada to see if it's ready to go.  If it's not ready, they will stay in ND and cut wheat.

08/31/09 Chad Olsen Racing

Chad is fine but it was a rough night of racing on Friday night in Montevideo, MN.  When the cars were rubbing each during the third lap of the feature race, Chad was bumped into the wall on turn one in front of the grandstands.  There's about a five foot gap in the concrete wall where people can walk through to get from the grandstands to the inside of the track.  His front right tire got caught in that concrete gap and sent him flying end over end and finally ending upside down in a torn apart car.   He said he knew he was okay and as he flipped his face mask of his helmet up, the car started on fire.  So, he put is mask back down, took his seat belt off but couldn't get out of the car.  He said he was on fire for 15-20 seconds but the fireproof suit he was wearing did it's job.   He was burned slightly on his neck, chin and one knee.  He spent about an hour in the ambulance at the track for precautionary reasons.

08/28/09 Running wild in ND

Good afternoon!  There's a lot of wheat, peas and barley being cut in North Dakota right now.  Luke's crew and Scott's crew are finishing up jobs today and will move on to other jobs over the weekend.  I talked to Jake as well and he and his crew are waiting another day or so as the wheat isn't quite ready by Minot where he's at.

08/26/09 Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Good morning!  It's our parents' 44th wedding anniversary today!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

08/25/09 Making progress

Good afternoon.  Chad and his crew did get last night around Sterling so they have been moving their equipment to Washburn to help out Luke and his crew.  I think some are cutting near Richardton but I think that is about it right now.  We need things to dry up a bit!

08/20/09 Too wet to cut

Good morning.  It seems like everywhere in ND today it's just too wet to cut.

08/18/09 Combines are moving

Good afternoon.  I talked to Scott, Jake and Luke and they all have crews that are cutting in North Dakota.  Scott's crew is cutting barley, Luke's crew is cutting peas and wheat, and Jake's crew is cutting wheat.  They say the crops are good up there.

08/17/09 Moved to North Dakota

Good morning.  I believe everyone has moved into North Dakota.  I talked to Chad this morning and Luke also called in to check these failing commodity markets.

08/14/09 Done in Pierre

The guys finished cutting in Pierre on Wednesday night.   Some are on the road now on their way to North Dakota.

08/11/09 Cutting again!

Good afternoon.  I just got off the phone with Chad and the guys are all cutting again.  They have just shy of 4000 acres left to cut so weather permitting, it shouldn't take but a few days.

08/09/09 Sunday night entry

The wheat wasn't quite ready to go for the guys today (Sunday) and I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring!

08/07/09 We have a winner

The winner was Donna Alexander of Ronks, PA!  She said it was a joint effort of her dad and siblings, the Groff family.  They are all together this week at the Delaware beach and Donna's dad, Merle Groff of Lancaster, PA, put everyone to work solving the puzzle.


How in the world could someone get contest #2 so quickly????  Well, Marcus Kauffeld, an airport firefighter from Germany, solved it!!!!

CONTEST #1 is already over!!!

I will start a new contest at 1:00 as the first one is already over!!!!  I will post the winner's information at 1:00 with the new Farm Fraze!!

08/03/09 Good cutting weekend in Pierre

Good morning.  Scott called the office this morning and said that they got some acres cut on Saturday and then Sunday was a really good day of cutting.  They will be taking some more samples today out there to see if they can find more wheat that is ready to go.


Okay, here's the scoop.  We'll have a contest running all of next week.  It will be run like "Wheel of Fortune" except we'll call this game "Farm Frazes."  (Yes, I know frazes is really spelled phrases.)

7/31/09 Taking a sample right now

Good morning. (I still have one minute to be able to say that!)

07/30/09 4H at the Fair!

Good afternoon.  The wheat is still a little wet yet in Pierre so I'm not sure what day cutting will resume.  I've heard tomorrow and I've heard Monday so I'm not sure!

07/29/09 Rain in Pierre

They are getting some rain in Pierre this morning so it looks like a resting day for the guys!

07/28/09 Waiting in the fields

Good afternoon.  Chad, with his combine, and 19 others are sitting at the end of a field right now letting the sun hit the wheat to dry it out a bit more.  It may be another hour or so before they resume. 

07/27/09 Giving the spring wheat a try

Good morning.  Chad said it was cloudy in Pierre this morning but thought they would give it a try later this afternoon.  He  said they have plenty of work to do if the wheat wasn't ready.

07/25/09 Happy Birthday yesterday Jake!!

Jake's birthday was yesterday and I feel bad I didn't get it on the web yesterday!!  Hopefully you haven't been to the website to check yet Jake!  Jake has been with us for many years and is very key to the success of OCF.  Happy belated birthday, Jake!

7/24/09 May have a couple days off??

Good afternoon.  The guys did finish all the winter wheat late yesterday afternoon and then they all got together in the evening for steak and a glass of Kool Aide.

07/23/09 May finish winter wheat today in Pierre

Good afternoon.  It's supposed to be hot in Pierre today and I think the guys only have about 1500 acres left of winter wheat to cut so they should finish that today.  Then it sounds like there will be a few days of waiting until the spring wheat is ready.  So far so good.

7/22/09 In the fields early this a.m.

Good morning.  Chad said they got about 1700 acres or so cut later yesterday afternoon.  They got started late because the wheat was a little wet but they were in the fields this morning cutting by around 8:30.  So, it looks like a good, long day of cutting ahead.

07/21/09 Day off yesterday

Good morning.  It was just too damp and tough later yesterday to cut any wheat in Pierre.  It looks like a  nice day out there today so I'm sure cutting will resume later today.  I talked to Luke this morning and he said it was already getting hot out there this morning so he said they'd be cutting around noon or so he figured.

07/20/09 Good weekend of cutting

Good morning.  Chad said they got about 2500 acres cut on Friday, 2800 on Saturday and 2600 yesterday.  I talked to Corey this morning and he said they got about a tenth of an inch of rain last night so they won't be in the fields as early as they have been.  He said the weather is nice there this morning though.

07/17/09 Good forecast in Pierre

Good morning.  The guys didn't start cutting until 1:00 or so yesterday and quit about 10:00.  Chad said they got between 1500 and 1700 acres cut yesterday.  He figured they'd be in the fields by 10:00 or so this morning and the forecast looks good.

7/16/09 Full force in Pierre

Good afternoon.  I talked to Chad around 11:00 last night and they were just finishing up for the day.  He said they cut about 1400 acres yesterday.

7/15/09 Officially done in KS

Good afternoon.  Hennie and his crew finally got done in Kansas and are heading to Pierre.

07/14/09 Done in NE

Good afternoon.  Luke called just a while ago and said he and his crew were headed to Pierre.  They got done yesterday in Nebraska.

07/13/09 Cutting in Pierre

Good morning!  I survived the John Deere Classic in Moline, IL so it's time to get caught back up on some work!

07/08/09 Not much news

Good morning.  We got another 1" of rain at home yesterday.  We dodged some nasty storms!

07/06/09 Wrapping up in KS soon

Good afternoon.  We are currently getting another nice shower here at home.  We got 8/10ths on Friday night the 3rd also!

07/02/09 Kansas still good!

Good morning.  They did get a little shot of rain in Kansas last night so they aren't cutting yet today.

07/01/09 July 1st already!

Good morning.  There's really not a lot of new news to share today.  We only have a few crews cutting and the others have hit some green wheat so we'll have to wait a couple days before they resume.

06/30/09 Crazy busy

Good afternoon.  It's just a busy day today!  The markets are going a little haywire which was a little unexpected.  If anyone from the USDA is reading this, how in the world do you come up with your numbers? 

06/29/09 Sunny and Windy in KS

Good morning.  Luke called this morning and he said it's sunny and windy in Scott City, KS!  He said he and his crew have been cutting some good wheat.

6/27/09 Happy Birthday DuWayne!

DuWayne is celebrating his birthday today driving a truck near Syracuse, KS.  He said they may finish up with that job yet today.

06/26/09 Good wheat in Kansas

Good morning.  I talked to Luke this morning and he said being we got out of Oklahoma ahead of shedule, he's been picking up more new jobs around Dighton and Scott City.  The weather has been good and the quality of the wheat has been really good he said.

06/25/09 Everyone cutting in Kansas

Good morning.  First of all, it's Chad's birthday today.  Again, he'll celebrate by cutting wheat.  He and his family are just leaving Enid to meet up with everyone in Dighton, KS.

Thanks to P&K in Enid, OK

To all of you at P&K Equipment in Enid, thanks for all your help again this year.  Chad tells me of all the things you guys do that are above and beyond for Olsen Custom Farms.  Thank you and Cheers!

06/24/09 Cutting in Kansas

Good morning.  I know that DuWayne and his crew are cutting in Syracuse, KS and I believe some others started cutting near Dighton, KS yesterday.

06/23/09 Back home!

Please see the Oklahoma 2009 picture gallery!

6/21/09 On Location

Good morning and Happy Father's Day.

06/18/09 Cutting going well

Good morning.  I talked to Chad this morning and he said because of the winds and the 100 degree weather, the cutting has been going very well.  Chad has been running a combine on his crew where they just have two machines in a field.  PH is running a combine and Ox and Jansen are also on that crew.

06/18/09 Happy Birthday Gert!

Happy Birthday, Gert!

06/17/09 Another hot and windy day in OK

I just talked to Scott and he and his son Tanner are running combines together for one customer.  He said the last few days have been good for cutting and they've been back at it today for a while already. 

06/16/09 Happy Birthday Claire!

Good afternoon!  Things are going well in Oklahoma again today.  All the combines are cutting again today as it's hot and windy!  The forecast looks good for cutting as well (knock on wood!)

06/15/09 Monday

Good morning.  All of the guys got  good days of cutting in on Friday and Saturday but Sunday they got another shot of rain.  But the clouds are gone now and they will all be back in the field after noon.  The ten day forecast show much heat and wind so things look good ahead!

06/12/09 Forecast looking better in OK

The guys did finish up in Arkansas but Oklahoma got another shot of rain this morning.  They may make it into the fields yet this afternoon but otherwise it will be tomorrow!

6/11/09 Rains in Oklahoma

There were some rains in Oklahoma last night that prevented cutting today and I don't know much more than that right now!  But, being I've been posting an entry every day for a while, I figured I better say something today!

06/10/09 Combines are running

Good morning.  I talked to both Chad and Luke this morning and they said it's a litte foggy this morning around Billings and Enid so they won't cut until after noon.  Luke's crew is running 5 combines and they got 240 acres cut late yesterday before the wheat hit 16.9 so it looks like it's a still just a little on the wet side.

06/09/09 Continuing to cut

Good morning.  I talked to Luke this morning and he said they did cut near Billings, OK yesterday and the moisture was 13.1 to 13.5.  Luke said it was a little cloudy this morning so he didn't figure they'd get going until after noon.

6/08/09 Possibly wrapping up in Arkansas this week

Good morning.  We received a much needed shot of rain last night to the tune of about 7/10 th's of an inch!  It was a nice rain during the night.

6/07/09 Sunday

Good morning.  I talked to Chad last night and he said they tested some wheat in Oklahoma and he said it will be ready to go by Monday or Tuesday.  It was 98 degrees there yesterday andI think our high here at home was around 50!  It's drizzly today and we are supposed to get some decent needed showers later this afternoon.

6/03/09 Still a little green in OK

Good morning.  The wheat is still a little green in Oklahoma but getting closer to harvest each day.

06/01/09 Everyone has left!

Chad and Pam and their kids took off on Sunday and they were the last to head out.  I'm not sure yet when harvest will begin in Oklahoma but the combines continue to cut in Arkansas!

05/29/09 Cutting continues in Arkansas

I just talked to Hennie who is heading up the crew in Arkansas and he said they cut last night for quite a while and they just got going about 3:00 this afternoon.  He said everything was going just fine.

05/28/09 Cutting is beginning

Amanda just talked to the guys in Arkansas and they are beginning to cut right now (3:45 pm CST.)   I'll keep you posted.

05/26/09 Happy Birthday Amanda

The weather is a little dreary this morning around here.  I'm sure most of the guys will be packing and getting ready to go south this week.  I'll let you know when the crew in Arkansas starts cutting!

05/22/09 Happy Birthday Analdo!

Not really much to update you on today.  Everyone just seems to be getting ready to head south.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

05/21/09 Small showers

We did get a  nice shot of rain last night.  I don't think it amounted to too much but Chad and Pam's son Charlie was enjoying it this morning!

05/20/09 First crew left today!

Good morning.  The first crew left this morning for Arkansas.  They are all pictured to the right.  Everyone is excited to start cutting wheat soon!

05/19/09 Safety meetings

Good morning.   This morning the entire group is together for safety meetings to make sure every knows what to do in certain situations.  The picture to the right is the guys listening to a fire safety instructor that we brought in to speak to them.  They are learning how to properly use fire extinguishers, etc.

05/18/09 Busy in the shop

Good morning.  The guys are mainly working in the shop today and getting their campers cleaned up to get ready to go.

05/15/09 New Videos

Please check out the videos from the 2008 harvest in the video gallery.  (There's one in there from a golf tourney that I'll keep posted for a week or two for some of the tourney players to see so many of you can ignore that one!)

05/14/09 Getting ready to go south

The planting is nearly complete for us.  There are a few acres that are just a bit wet yet but for the most part, all is planted.

05/13/09 More birthdays!

I forgot to mention that Deon and PH also had birthdays on Sunday!  I know they are both working so they must have behaved!

05/12/09 Fargo Marathon

Good morning.  Pam ran in the Fargo Marathon, yes the entire 26.2 miles, and got second place in her age class and 15th overall in the women's division!!!  You can learn more about the marathon at www.fargomarathon.com!!

05/08/09 Small showers

First of all, Happy Birthday to Casper today!!!

05/7/09 Still planting

Good morning.  Knock on wood, the planting has been going pretty smoothly here.  We actually don't have much left to plant.  Some of the low ground wet spots still need to dry up a bit.

4/30/09 Windy and warmer

We actually have one planter back in the field today but most places are a bit damp yet.  The plan is to have all the planters back in the fields tomorrow!

4/29/09 Rain

As forecasted, it's been raining all morning.  We got quite a few acres planted again yesterday but now we'll have to wait a few days before we get back in the fields.

04/28/09 Back to planting

After some some showers during the weekend, the planters are back in the field again this afternoon.  It looks like the state of MN is 40% planted through yesterday and that number was 1% one year ago!  The forecast looks like some rain possibly tomorrow but then we'll warm back up again (so the weather man says!)  So, it's time to keep that sun in the sky!!

04/21/09 Planters going crazy

Good evening.  The past few days we've had all the planters in the fields.  The weather has been fair but the forecast for the next few days looks nice and warm so we hope to keep the planters moving as much as possible.

04/17/09 Time to start farming!

Good morning.  It's been about two months since I've had a diary update!  Tax season is now over so I can focus on Olsen Custom Farms again!

02/16/09 Taking combines south

Good morning.  We are busy delivering combines down south so they are there and ready once it's time to start cutting.  Obviously we are many months from that but we are just getting prepared.

02/05/09 Busy in the shop

Hello!  Just a quick update to let you know all is good at OCF.  The guys are busy in the shops getting combines ready for the wheat harvest that will be here before we know it.  Some of our new machines are just coming off the line at John Deere in Moline, IL so we are getting those set up and ready to go as well.

1/21/09 Warmer, then colder!

I think it hit 20 degrees today!  I felt like getting out my golf clubs!!!